Ensure traffic problems don’t spoil your event

When you’re on a special event there are going to be people – lots of them! Keeping them under control can be a nightmare, they all have their own ideas about where they can park, walk and enter. To make sure that they’re under control – and being barely aware of it – you need a plan and the means to execute it.


  • Expert help with creating a plan for both foot traffic and vehicle control.
  • Signage for your event.
  • Cones and barriers.
  • A full crowd control team managing the people at every stage.
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    Past & Present Customers

  • Royal Ascot
  • Queen's Diamond Jubilee
  • West Ham Utd
  • Arsenal
  • Live Nation
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Farnborough Air Shows
  • The Thames Festival
  • Hampton Court Flower Show
  • Isle of Wight Festival
  • Scottish and Southern
  • Clancy Docwra
  • Scotia Gas Neworks
  • Mountjoy
  • J A Dempsey
  • Southern Electric Contracting
  • Kelly Bros Ltd (Solar Signs)
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    Whether you are managing:
    • A sporting event
    • Celebrity show
    • An annual event
    • A building project that affects traffic
    • A march or parade
    … or any other situation where the flow of people and vehicles needs to be managed – just give us a call on 01708 553800, email us or use the contact form to discover how we can help you make your event a resounding success.
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