About Us

After working for the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) as Highways Traffic Manager, Colin Welling-Bishton was coming to the end of his contract in 1997 and a contractor asked him to help out with some consultancy work and Docklands Traffic Management was formed.

Over the last twelve years Colin and his team have generated a reputation for getting the job done and a level of customer responsiveness that is unusual in this business. “I do get passionate about it; I do like to see a job done right. So many people don’t care. I like clients and their customers to see smiling faces and a friendly approach.”


We can either work with pre-designed traffic plans or we are happy to produce our own. Colin says, “If it doesn’t look as though it’s working, we will try and find ways to make it work. I’d hate to think that any of my team would ever just shrug their shoulders and not try to improve the situation.”
Although the quote was not original, one of the DTM team said: “We’re big enough to cope and small enough to care!” It may be a cliché, but the Ethos behind the company is just that – a caring company. “I pride myself on the fact that we don’t waste people’s time, we get in, deliver the job and get out. We don’t like to leave traces – we clear up before we go.” says Colin.

In this close-knit company everyone knows each other well and knows how each other works. This makes them uniquely able to respond to the client needs and deliver a service that ensures that any problems DON’T come from traffic issues!



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