Cleaning measures to help tackle the epidemic and reduce its impact

The state of cleanliness is viewed and measured by potential clients and members of the public as well as making a statement to your own employees.

As with all other divisions at DTM, everything we do is bespoke.

Services you can expect from us include:

Coronavirus Decontamination – including the use of Use of approved Covid Product Microsol 4

We use electrostatic sprayers negating requirement for any physical contact whilst eliminating 99% of germs including Covid 19

24 hour call out/ emergency cleaning services

Security Cleared staff when required for sensitive locations

Well trained, trustworthy and friendly staff who genuinely care

High quality cleaning maintained via regular inspections

Service flexibility to respond to any short notice requirements you may have

Regular, ongoing contact so that you remain happy with our service

With the current COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak now effecting the UK’s businesses and schools. DTM has taken special measures to help tackle the epidemic and reduce its impact if possible. Our trained teams, using specialist equipment can quickly and professionally decontaminate most sites, including offices, schools, clinics, care homes cinemas and shops.

In addition to the above cleaning services, you might be interested in combining our crowd management with a sanitising solution, meaning public places or offices can be managed in a clean and safe way.

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