Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Temporary Hostile Vehicle Mitigation &
Crowd Safety Solutions


In an uncertain environment there are a number of challenges to safety and security surrounding people and infrastructure.

One of those challenges is coming from the increased use of the vehicle as an instrument to disrupt, damage and increasingly to carry out fatal attacks.

DTM is a specialist in providing temporary hostile vehicle mitigation barriers and traffic management products to a range of institutions and organisations including Armed Forces, event organisers, stadiums and protecting infrastructure of significant importance. We separate people from vehicles with our range of specialist barriers. You can hire or purchase our barriers and we can assist with planning and deployment for any event or occasion.

Mobile Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers

DTM offer a range of certified and tested Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers.

We have the extensively deployed MVB 3X. - An excellent modular HVM that is ideal for road control and allows easy access for vehicles using an impressive gated system.

We also offer the impressive Impact and Rapid defender. Made from rubber these vehicle barriers offer an excellent alternative to unwieldy and unsightly concrete blocks that are far from ideal HVM solutions.



Pedestrian Permeable Barriers

Our pedestrian permeable barriers are ideal for protecting entrances to buildings and major events from the threats posed by a vehicle with hostile intent.

Easy to install they can provide a temporary or interim solution for providing easy access for people to your venue whilst providing a suitable deterrent and defence.

Temporary Road Management

Speed is a major factor in attacks using vehicles. Bringing down the speed of vehicles around a designated area along with visible hostile vehicle mitigation solutions greatly diminishes the risk of attack.

Utilising our range of temporary and permanent road management solutions, designed and manufactured by Rosehill Highways, we can provide you with a number of options for management of roadways around your event.


Operation History

Some of the world's biggest brands have trusted their events to the DTM Group.

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