Sanitising Arches & Tunnels

Arches and Tunnels designed to counter the serious world health emergency situation.

Sanitizer Arch

We know that the Covid-19 virus is able to stay on surfaces for hours. Everyday we visit many places with many potential situations where the virus could transfer to us.This means also on our clothes and we are going home to our family.

We have the solution - Walkthrough Sanitising Tunnels and Arches.

DTM are a leading provider of these new and innovative sanitising tunnels and arches.

The sanitising arch is water based with no use of chemicals including Terano system. As a non-toxic, non-hazardous product, no COSHH training is required.

An automatic activation of a fine mist of water-based O3 hypoallergenic nebulised sanitiser means the mist is safe and harmless. With a fine nebulisation to avoid the wet effect and decrease the use of water, people walking inside the tunnel are exposed for 5 seconds to the mist, sanitising all exposed surfaces without risk.

Capable of sanitising between 200 to 1200 people per hour, this could be the solution for your premises. Sanitising all exposed skin and clothing, killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria including Covid-19.

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